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Constellation of Mastication, In Conversation with Victauria


Witchfork Staff

April 20, 2024
Image by Julian Klincewicz
Image by Julian Klincewicz

We have taken it upon ourselves here at Witchfork to transcribe the recovered audiotape of Boris Cloven-Kennedy de Maria’s final interview with Victauria Meadow. While the interview was not completed due to tragic circumstances, we have chosen to publish its remnants to satisfy our readers hauntingly demanding requests to hear more of Victauria’s story ahead of her EP release. 

Hi Victauria. What if every wall collapsed?

Hi, if every wall collapsed I would find myself in the center.

And what is your star sign?

I have Taurus sun at 24 degrees, Libra Rising at 28 degrees, and Aquarius Moon at 2 degrees.  

How do you write music?

If I have an experience that subsequently intertwines with words cascading seamlessly into my consciousness through a Divination cord, then I will write something. But if it doesn’t arrive without effort, I don’t want it. My preference is feeling the formless and if something happens to materialize then I will follow the thread. Otherwise I am pleased just to feel. My collaborator A. G. Cook uses a trademarked alchemical approach to give these Divinations resonant structures in which to exist. 

What are your songs about?

I find it funny when people ask this, because why would I tell you? My interpretation is sacred, once I give an audience a song they can do what they want with it in terms of projection, but I won’t break the seal of my own heart to satisfy some attempt they have to understand me, which is ultimately impossible and also of no interest to me. I will share when I see fit but I won’t just splay myself open to let people drink my blood. 

What is your life philosophy?

I feel that we are all existing within an interconnected constellatory spiritual system and require the very specific experiences with the particular entities to which we are granted access throughout our paths for certain parts of our selves to light up. For a long time I felt very disconnected from my personal power and from my self in general. I was dimmed by years of pain in this body and lifetimes before, and I felt like a ghost. Actually can you take that out? I don’t mean that offensively and it might get misinterpreted.

Yes, no problem. 

Thanks. Anyway, slowly but surely and in perfect time I’ve become versed at clearing my field. That’s not to say it is completely clear, of course, but I am attentive and fortified enough to hear the Calls of the Sky and move where I’m destined. 

What are the Calls of the Sky?

I don’t want to explain that. Essentially I feel that every thing exists in a faultless web that is beyond our earthly understanding.

Excuse me for just a moment, I just need to send an emergency text.

I completely understand. Go ahead.

Okay! How did you learn to clear your field?

I experienced a profound shift that is very blatantly explained in my song “Meadow,” where quite literally I went to a meadow and my blood was run dry and the light was let in, then I started to shine.. Ever since then everything has been different.


Because I know that magic is real.

Isn’t that song cruel?

Well, sure there is a facetious quality to that song in the sense that I refuse to be bridled into submission and I taunt the one who tries. But really I believe in love above all else, and to break someone’s heart, even when in the service of ultimate benefit for all to support the universal ascension process, is intensely difficult, because it does not give me pleasure to hurt. It does give me pleasure to feel truth however. 

Would you describe yourself as dangerous?

Off the record, I have an appetite for sensuality that will never be satiated. I want to experience everything I’m drawn to, even if it could start a fire, so to speak. In fact, some of the most expansive sensations I’ve felt have been during such infernos, and I often can’t help but to smile when walking away in the aftermath along charred ground. 

What kinds of things have you done?

If you look closely, you’ll see that my eyes are turning red because you are asking an invasive question that I do not appreciate. 

Victauria, I’m trying to conduct an interview and in order to do so I will have to ask you some questions.

Can I ask you one to make it even?

I suppose you can…

Have you ever have dreamt about being inside of a horse’s mouth?