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Witchfork has been acquired by an Undisclosed Multi­dimensional Conglomerate Company

We have some significant news to share with you today.

After careful consideration and negotiations with various ethereal entities, we are pleased to announce that Witchfork has been acquired by an undisclosed multidimensional conglomerate. This acquisition marks a new chapter in our journey, and we are excited about the opportunities it presents for our community of otherworldly writers and diviners.

We will continue to keep you informed about the future developments of Witchfork under its new ownership. In the meantime, we encourage you to explore and engage with the vast library of fascinating and deeply untrustworthy writing that our platform has to offer.

Once again, thank you for being a part of this extraordinary journey. Your clicks have been invaluable. Together, you have opened so many magical doors to realms before unseen.

May our creative endeavors continue to flourish in realms beyond.

The Witchfork Team


A Letter From The Editor


Ali Michael

April 24, 2024


Time is a funny thing. Here I am pictured forcing myself to become ambidextrous at the very beginning (or middle or end since we are in collective acknowledgement of the nonlinear) of Witchfork when A. G. Cook and I first worked on this project together from our respective computers many moons ago. 

We built Witchfork out of a craving for the abysmal and we have kept it going for an undetermined amount of time. Today, immediately following the Full Moon in Scorpio (…the sign of death and rebirth…) Witchfork will succumb to its destined and bitter end. 

As Editor of Witchfork since it’s conception, I want to say how much this role has meant to me as not only a a purveyor of darkness and light, but also as a music lover, and how much I look forward to what is next in our endeavors once we acquire the inconceivably large monetary and spiritual fortune that has been contractually promised to us in the WWW merger deal. The old woman in this photograph could have never imagined the resonant fate bestowed upon her (for which Witchfork was the catalyst) and she, I, and the other holographic entities that collectively make up our bodily form are deeply grateful for the journey.