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Tales From the CryoCrypt


Jambon Deluxe

March 29, 2024
CRYPT ex1.png

From the dark forests of Oregon, ghost lights beckon. The mist wraps around the roots of the trees as sunlight is dampened by the think canopy. It grows dark and soon the path is lit by only moonlight, silvery and pale against the fog. Leafless branches scape and claw as the path grows narrow and tight. But, lo! A clearing, and a crumbling structure. Ancient stone, lichen covered and slick with the night’s moisture. Stone steps descend into darkness…

Cryo Crypt is a stunning new entry into the endless caverns of Dungeon Synth labels. Forged by friends at the highest possible quality level, the mixes sound amazing, and you can get them on cassette if you are a purist. As a sister label to the astonishing CRYO CHAMBER label, purveyors of dark ambient, sci-fi, and Lovecraft inspired sonic landscapes, it comes as no surprise that a cohesive vision wraps the first three releases in similar exquisite artwork that wouldn’t be out of place in a Dungeons & Dragons manual.

Written, Produced, Performed, Design, Mastering - Simon Heath (Atrium Carceri) who also runs both Cryo labels, the first entry is from his alias:


Mountain Realm

Atmospheric music for exploring forgotten catacombs. Standout tracks “Beyond The Mist” and “Death Is Calling My Name” seem to float on a cool still night air, chilling and obfuscating details. “A Lone Wizard Emerges” feels like it could have been released on an esoteric New Age cassette you’d find in the dollar bin at the headshop. “Pyre” summons the faithful to their knees, and “Castle Halls” is a lush, lonely hit of longing and loss. The sonics are excellent, with a wide stereo mix transporting the listener to the realms of fantasy and adventure.


Vikorra Doom 

Written, Produced, Performed - Bruce Moallem (God Body Disconect)

A cursed barbarian on a mad quest of revenge, Vikorra Doom, makes a pact with dwellers of the underworld that he will feed them the names of warriors who have cheated death. Grim, with some dirt in the production that feels like embers and ash. “Dreams Of My Former Throne” sets the tone, melancholy nostalgic strings evolve into a call, a purpose revealed. A descending atonal melody drops us into view of “A Once Majestic Castle In Ruins” where we can hear the old stones as the wind whistles between the cracks. Explore “the Hall Of Unhallowed Steel” quiet as the grave. Every footstep echoing through the never-ending halls. This is great stuff to roll up a new character too.



Pär Boström,  (Cities Last Broadcast) presents his new project Trollslottet. 

There are tales of an ancient, crumbling tower lost in the Northern Mountains, where the now forgotten gods hid their sacred names. The hero of this quest seeks to regain the Nine Names in hopes of recalling those dead gods…

“Nordanvinden” feels like approaching the tower, the pale moon shining down on the untouched snow. New surprises at every turn ascending the crumbling stairs. “Det Tysta Mörka” feels as cold as the howling wind when you reach the top of the tower. Cold stars twinkle in the inky blackness and the gods laugh. 

Three excellent releases hold great promise for the future of Cryo Crypt. A label to keep an eye on as Dungeon Synth surges to new heights of popularity.