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We have some significant news to share with you today.

After careful consideration and negotiations with various ethereal entities, we are pleased to announce that Witchfork has been acquired by an undisclosed multidimensional conglomerate. This acquisition marks a new chapter in our journey, and we are excited about the opportunities it presents for our community of otherworldly writers and diviners.

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MUNA Crave Infinite Expansion

April 9, 2024
MUNA QNA-2.jpg

Does your band have a secret language or code words to communicate musical ideas?

We mainly speak in numbers if we’re talking chords: go to the 4, to the 6. If we’re going to do “hits” in a section we call it going Ariana Grande. But also, if we had other secret codes, why would we tell you? ;) 

What’s the most otherworldly venue you’ve ever played in?

Hmm. Possibly the football stadiums we played on tour with Taylor Swift. 

If your tour van were enchanted, what special power would it possess?

Infinitely expandable inside while remaining small on the outside. 

What’s your guilty pleasure TV show?

We watch the Bachelor together. 

Have you ever composed a song inspired by a vivid dream, and if so, how closely did the final composition mirror your dream’s essence?

No, not a vivid dream, but most of our songs are inspired by some level of fantasy. 

How do you stay connected with your fans in an era of constant digital distraction?

We have a podcast, lol.