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Lecx Stacy, Inside A Glacier Hearing 30,000-Year-Old Parasitic Microorganisms Defrosting

April 4, 2024

Image by Eddie Mandell
Image by Eddie Mandell

In an ideal world, what mythical creature would you want to make music with?

A siren 🧜🏽‍♀️

Does your music sound good backwards?

My music actually sounds better backwards.

Can you describe your sound only using sounds from nature?

Twigs snapping. The wind rustling the leaves of a thousand-year-old willow tree during a forest fire. A waterfall as it freezes amidst a snowstorm. Being inside of a glacier and hearing the faint sounds of 30,000-year-old parasitic microorganisms defrosting. The eye of a storm. The center of a tornado. An unattended campfire. A large collection of both chaos and comfort. 

Would you rather have a dinner party with vampires or zombies?

I'd love to attend a vampire's dinner party. They would probably have such beautiful home decor. It'd probably be in an ancient castle nestled somewhere in the countryside of Tuscany, Italy. The wine would probably taste amazing. Also, I have a history with being Iron deficient. I could use a healthy gulp of fresh blood.

Does your songwriting process involve improvisation, meticulous planning, or a combination of both?

For me, writing a song or an album feels like trying to write a novel, and it’s a story that I know very well and vividly, but I’m writing it in an ancient foreign runic script that I’ve only just begun to learn that day, and the only way I can make progress with learning the script is by completing a multitude of intensive introspective side quests and dialectics.  

Would you rather have a tail or horns?

I used to have a tail. I got made fun of for it a lot growing up (not a joke). I've since then cut it. I'd much rather been born with horns.