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Jazz Lambaux Is Brought To Tears By Bagpipes

April 1, 2024

Image by Justin Sagalow
Image by Justin Sagalow

Can you describe a moment when you felt the presence of magic during a recording session?

The first time I heard Enora Morice play the bagpipes in a very small basement. It sounded like the human ear is not supposed to hear a sound like this at such close range. It was both mesmerizing, deafening and otherwordly. It brought tears to my eyes!

How do you feel about the idea of your music being played on extraterrestrial radio waves?


If you could perform a concert in any mythical realm, where would it be and why?

I'd be terrified, but I'd love to perform in the underworld. I feel like a crowd of post-mortem souls would be very emotional, genuine and real!! And it would probably look just like a big earthy DIY space anyway.

Why did you start making music?

I guess it's a fun way for me to express and communicate ineffable feelings to other people.

Can you describe the sound of your dreams in three words?

Bittersweet Cartoonish Windpipe

Have you ever drawn inspiration from folklore or ancient legends?

For some reason I've always been obsessed with Christmas. Anything christmassy to me feels beautiful and cursed at the same time. Both a promise, a delusion and a lie.