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Jónsi's Earthy, Dark Green Scent

March 28, 2024

Image by Albie Trujillo
Image by Albie Trujillo

Do you believe in the power of incantations or spells in music?

I and we (Sigur Rós) always had that belief that the less we talked about what we were doing, the more pure, honest, true the music would be and that has followed us to this day. We never talk about anything. We meet in a rehearsal space and start playing and then things flow and channel through and slowly you mold and chisel something together that forms and becomes a song. It’s magic that lives in the air. 

Have you ever composed a piece of music as a tribute to a beloved pet, place, or memory?

I guess living away from Iceland has made me unconsciously always write with Iceland in mind and I think a lot about Iceland when I write lyrics. I kind of change into some old farmer poet person and everything becomes really ancient somehow when I write in Icelandic. I dont know why

How do you handle paparazzi attention?

Fortunately I don’t have that problem. All of our (Sigur Rós) career we have been focusing on the music. Music was and is always the focus, not the person behind it, so not many people know my face that well after 30 years in the band. 

If your music were a scent, what would it smell like?

Probably “Vetiver.” It’s my favorite. It’s an earthy, dark green scent from grass roots. 

Does your songwriting process involve improvisation, meticulous planning, or a combination of both?

When I’m writing for my art exhibitions I always start with my voice and go from there. Then I form different sections and plan what to do with each and put them in their right/wrong place.

Does your music sound good backwards?

Always, and preferably slowed down.