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99% of Rostam's Dreams Are Forever Lost

April 2, 2024

Image by Julian Klincewicz
Image by Julian Klincewicz

Does your music draw inspiration from dreams, nightmares, or both?

Definitely inspired by dreams: I probably don’t remember 99% of my dreams, but when I do, it’s usually because there was music in them. But also nightmares can inspire me too. Sometimes I’ll work on an album for years and I’ll start to have nightmares where I’m working on songs with the artist in the studio and Pro Tools keeps crashing. I had one of those recently. Which means it’s time to finish it and put it out. That fear is inspiring in its own way- the fear of never being able to finish something, which gets you to do it. 

How do you stay connected with friends and family in an era of constant digital distraction?

We’re all major facetimers aren’t we?

If your voice was a shape, what geometric form would it take?

A mobius strip. 

What’s the most starstruck you’ve ever been?

I’m a fan of Julian Schnabel, and was probably a bit inspired by him to move to New York at 18. I think it was around this time when I had just gotten to NYC that I saw him on the street giving two people a huge hug. I don’t know why but witnessing that gave me a super positive feeling. 

Have you ever been transported to an alternate realm or dimension?

I feel like making music, if it’s working well, is about going there. 

What’s your guilty pleasure snack?

Day-old Tahdig.